1. Avoid Unhealthy Food Cravings With Our Tri-State Area Weight Loss Plan

    If you’ve ever smelled or seen something that looked absolutely delicious — knowing that you shouldn’t eat it — you’re not alone. Succumbing to the power of unhealthy foods is simply part of being a human, but these cravings don’t have to control your weight loss journey.  Sticking to a diet isn’t always easy. To help meet your weight loss goals and stick to a certain eating plan, i…Read More

  2. A Warm Welcome To Our New Website: About Our Signature Weight Loss Strategy

    Another year comes and goes. In the wake of the holiday season, you’ve convinced yourself that this is the year of your transformation. Like many Americans, you set your New Year’s resolution around personal weight loss and making other healthy, dietary changes in your life.  And for a few weeks, you’re very disciplined. You may even start to see some results, even if they’re small at fir…Read More

  3. Kickstart Summer with Our Top 7 Weight Loss Tips

    Woohoo! Summer’s finally here, and we couldn’t be more ready…what about you? In this fun post, we’re sharing 7 of our favorite weight loss tips to help you take advantage of the summer season and feel amazing - all at the same time! 1. Get out and enjoy that weather! Have you been wanting to try something new in the great outdoors? Sign up for a race, enjoy an outdoor yoga class, or just g…Read More

  4. What Does Color Have to do With Weight Loss?

    When you think about weight loss, do you think about color? Color? Yes, that’s right. Color. So often, discussions about weight loss focus on what you should (and shouldn’t) be eating, why you need to hit the gym more often, and how to conquer the inevitable obstacles on the journey to a thinner you. Yet, studies have discovered that color can have an effect on weight loss! How can color influ…Read More

  5. Are Weight Loss Saboteurs Targeting Your Efforts?

    We all know the painful truth: people spend too much time judging others. Even when we’re taking positive steps in our lives, we’re judged. We’re judged for what we wear, how we act, the way we live, and of course…what we eat. Are You Being Shamed for Your Weight Loss Endeavors? We know that the fat stigma is a painful reality, one where we’re judged negatively for what others perceive a…Read More

  6. Love Is In The Air…But Do You Really Love Yourself?

    You’re trying to lose weight. Everyone is encouraging you, giving you the high-five. But you know they’re just trying to be nice. You’re thinking: If they only saw me eat half the bag of Oreos -then they’d know I’m a big, fat loser. And they’re right. I hate looking in the mirror because all I see is that big, fat loser looking back at me. Sound familiar? Self-Love is the Foundation of…Read More

  7. Why Wait To Lose Weight?

    Ok, be real. It’s another new year. You say you want to lose weight, but you said that last year too. And here we are. Now what? Start by ditching your expectations, which can set you up for failure. Get clear on goals versus intentions. Weight loss is your goal - now set your daily intentions to get there. Not quite sure how to start? Begin at the beginning. “If you’re tired of starting ove…Read More

  8. Don’t Let the Holidays Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

    Ahhh, the holidays…filled with those decadent desserts and lavish dinners that are oh-so-tempting and oh-so-indulgently calorie laden - but don’t lose your holiday spirit just yet. No, No, No to Holiday Weight Gain Studies have shown that from fall to spring, an average person adds on about one pound – but one year later, they never lost that pound – and even gained slightly more weight. T…Read More

  9. Why a Weight Loss Plateau Might Actually Be Good For You

    What motivates most of us to keep losing weight? Well…losing weight. As we watch the numbers on our scale go down, that generally inspires us to stay on plan and keep dropping pounds. But what happens when we hit a weight loss plateau and the numbers won’t budge? If that’s all we’re focusing on, we can get really discouraged—especially when we’re still doing all the right things. This …Read More