You’re trying to lose weight. Everyone is encouraging you, giving you the high-five.

But you know they’re just trying to be nice.

You’re thinking: If they only saw me eat half the bag of Oreos -then they’d know I’m a big, fat loser. And they’re right. I hate looking in the mirror because all I see is that big, fat loser looking back at me.

Sound familiar?

Self-Love is the Foundation of Successful Weight Loss

Negative mind chatter and self-hatred can sabotage even the best laid-out weight loss plans.
To effectively achieve your weight loss goals, learn to love yourself.

Sound simple or selfish? For many, it’s the biggest roadblock to successful weight loss.

“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked.

Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
– Louise L. Hay

Love Yourself for Who You Are, Not How You See Yourself

It’s that time of year again when Cupid is aiming love’s arrow…but what about you? Is there love in your heart – for yourself?
Sadly, we don’t love ourselves enough – or at all.

Lack of self-love and negative mind chatter can sabotage our weight loss goals, according to Dr. Lisa Rankin in a Psychology Today article. How does that happen?

Because something is missing in your life, you open the freezer for ice cream. One bite…then you remember the diet…so you start belittling yourself. And you feel so bad, you finish the entire carton of ice cream.

Put an end to the negative mind chatter and reclaim your body with love, says Dr. Rankin. Lovingly accept the divine being that you are on the inside.

“With you lies that beautiful, perfect spirit, regardless of what the world sees on the outside. You must reclaim, honor, and love that part of yourself to begin your journey to a healthy weight. As long as you punish yourself into trying to lose weight, it simply won’t work.”

Love yourself as you are! Don’t put conditions on it, such as “I’ll love myself when I lose weight.” Loving ourselves isn’t selfish. Once we learn to love ourselves, our inner light shines to the rest of the world – and endless possibilities open up!

Stop “weighting” to love yourself – accept who you are and honor yourself today!

Self-Love Can Empower You to Lose Weight & Get Healthy

Katherine Harris discovered self-love and celebrated a 40-pound weight loss. After punishing herself with diets that didn’t work, she realized she needed something personally meaningful to lose weight. She came to an important realization:

“I couldn’t go back to being mean to myself or my body. I couldn’t go back to the nasty trap of thinking I needed some impossible idealized body to be valuable.”

She set an inspiring goal: To be there for her future grandchildren. And when she wanted to eat something that wasn’t good for her, she remembered her goal – and motivated herself to achieve it.

After closely monitoring what she ate and recognizing her addictions to sugar and caffeine, she realized how unwell she felt most of the time. She knew she DESERVED to feel good – and as a nurse, she knew her body was speaking to her.

In thankful recognition of the body’s inner knowing of what is beneficial for it, she transformed her life.

Simple Tips to Loving Who You Are

Show your body some love with these simple tips. Some of our favorites that you can incorporate into your life today include:

· Make self-love part of your routine. For instance, set aside regular times to indulge yourself in soothing baths and fragrant lotions.

· Become friends with the person in the mirror – and yes, that’s you! Instead of belittling yourself, try looking in the mirror and saying, “I appreciate you.”

· Treat yourself the same way you would your best friend – that is, with compassion, support, and kindness. Listen to what your body is telling you.

· Put your beautiful body in motion. Consider unplugging for even 20 mins each day and going out to enjoy a quiet walk. Find something that moves you – literally – and try it!

· Be mindful. If you want to lose weight, you know how important it is to watch what you put in your mouth – but if you want to really succeed and keep those pounds off, you need to be ever aware of your inner thoughts, too.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Why Weight, we’re all about total transformation – we believe in you – and we KNOW that you can enjoy life fully as a thin and healthy individual thanks to our proven, powerful weight loss program.

Come explore how we can support you in your journey to lose weight today.