When you think about weight loss, do you think about color?

Color? Yes, that’s right. Color.

So often, discussions about weight loss focus on what you should (and shouldn’t) be eating, why you need to hit the gym more often, and how to conquer the inevitable obstacles on the journey to a thinner you.

Yet, studies have discovered that color can have an effect on weight loss!

How can color influence weight loss?

What’s often missing from weight loss conversations is color. Have you tried adding it to your life lately?
And we’re not just talking about the seemingly endless spectrum of vibrantly colored foods. We know from personal experience that wearing colorful clothes and infusing pops of color into our living spaces can have profoundly positive effects.

According to a Cleveland Clinic article, research has indicated that color can help you make healthier eating choices. How so? It might be as simple as the color plate you eat from.

In one study, people who dined on plates that were red tended to consume less. If you think about it, it makes sense – what do you think of when you see red? Most people think stop, avoid, or even danger.

A key takeaway from the article is that red “can help you to eat less without killing your appetite or making the food unappealing — the color was a subtle cue in the environment rather than part of the food or drinks.”

Let color guide you to healthy eating choices

The power of color goes even deeper. Try this easy tip at home…

Label each of the foods in your kitchen like this:

· Green = healthy

· Yellow = less healthy

· Red = little to no nutritional value

When researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital rolled out a similar system in their hospital cafeteria, something very interesting happened. They discovered that sales of unhealthy “red” items plunged, but healthier “green” items increased.

Make weight loss a success with 3 smart color strategies

Here are 3 fun tips you can easily implement into your life right now:

1- Introduce a contrast into every mealtime. For instance, pair light colored food with a dark plate, and vice versa. Why? Researchers theorize that differences in color between food and plate can make you more conscious of your portion sizes.

2- Welcome the blues. No, not those blues…But seriously, the color blue can apparently have a pretty strong impact on your eating habits, with studies often showing that blue plates, napkins, or even blue décor or wall paint can decrease caloric intake.

3- Get creative with dinnertime! Channel your inner artist and challenge yourself to make a beautiful presentation with vibrantly hued fruits and veggies. Take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season in your area and infuse that fresh energy right into your meal.

At our Why Weight Transformation Center, we take a whole body-mind approach to help our clients meet their weight loss goals. That’s why it’s important to recognize the effect color can have within our lives – far beyond the dinner table. Color can influence our mindset, and thus paint (no pun intended!) our entire day.

Some thought-provoking points about color to inspire and enliven you!

1- If you’re in it to win it, try wearing red. Spice up your wardrobe and add a little oomph to your life. According to Inc.com, studies even demonstrated that sports players who wear red seem to enjoy more confidence, which of course also influences their opponents too.

2- Think about the way color is impacting your home. If color has the power to influence everything from the foods we eat to how we perceive brands (and what we purchase), think about how the colors in your space might be affecting you.

3- Make friends with color to empower every part of your life. Need a boost of motivation for your workout? Add orange to your workout gear or clothing. Want to tone things down after a long day? Embrace shades of blue or purple. Need to add a sense of grounded stability and new beginnings? Try a little green.

From memory to libido (yes, really) and everything in between, this quick, informative slideshow courtesy of WebMD will show you just how incredible and often overlooked the power of color is in our lives. Today, take in the rainbow of colors around you – then ask how you might use them to your advantage to enhance your weight loss efforts.

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