Ok, be real. It’s another new year. You say you want to lose weight, but you said that last year too. And here we are.

Now what?

Start by ditching your expectations, which can set you up for failure. Get clear on goals versus intentions.

Weight loss is your goal – now set your daily intentions to get there.

Not quite sure how to start? Begin at the beginning.

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

-Charushila Biswas

If you want to lose weight, start by setting goals.

Goals are what we set for ourselves for the future. It’s where we want to be.

Think of goals as little signposts along the road to your ultimate destination: weight loss.

Just like having a roadmap when we’re in an unfamiliar area, goals help us keep on track and avoid detours along the way.

Setting goals is important to achieve any task. But no matter what goals you set for yourself, in your business or personal life, they take you out of the present moment. A goal is an external achievement set somewhere in the future.

Goals are like gazing into your own crystal ball. You’re looking into yours now – and you see a thinner, more energetic person. Now set your daily intentions to get there.

Staying focused in the present is key to weight loss.

Intention is derived from a Latin word meaning stretching towards something. In Sanskrit, it translates into instinctive knowing.
Intentions are heart driven, our inner voice speaking to us. They’re not focusing on the future goal of a 20-pound weight loss, for example. An intention keeps us in the present moment. It’s how we feel as we live our lives each moment – and it sets the tone, so to speak, for our weight loss journey.

“Our intention creates our reality.”

-Wayne Dyer

Setting your weight loss goal without the intention of appreciating your journey, discovering more about yourself and expanding your inner self (while decreasing the outer!) paves the road for a difficult journey.

Instead, set your intention to look at every difficulty that you may face as an opportunity – to learn more about yourself and give yourself a pat on the back – no matter how small the accomplishment. That makes the road to your future goal a less stressful and more attainable path.

“It takes strength to be kind. It’s not a weakness.”

-Daniel Lubetzky

When it comes to weight loss, accountability is a must

One of the major components of our program here at WhyWeight is accountability. Why? Because it works. It’s that simple.
In fact, researchers at the University of Illinois found something really interesting in a small study they conducted:

“Our women didn’t find that accountability to themselves was so important, but having support from others was – just having that social support from someone who was going through the same experience,” explained Catherine J. Metzgar, a researcher involved in the study.

Even if you have one person who holds you accountable, it can make all the difference – not only in losing the weight –but in keeping those pounds off for good.

Weight loss often involves inner growth

The road to weight loss can feel paved with many frustrations. It took months and years for the weight to build up – and it’s going to take time to lose the excess.
Reality can be painful. It can sabotage your weight loss goal.

But remember, it’s not just related to the numbers on a scale. Weight can be affected by many issues: hormones, stress, fatigue, and many other influences. So, stop being overly critical of yourself.

Weight loss is a journey of growth. As the outer you slims down, your inner growth expands into a deeper understanding of yourself, and ultimately, the world around you. Losing weight – and keeping those pounds off – is a personal, transformational journey.

Focusing on your daily intentions will help you be more at ease with yourself as you travel the challenging and sometimes difficult path to a thinner you. There will be trial and error, but learn from it. Discover more about who you really are – and how you got there.

And above all, be kind to yourself.

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.”

Jenn Proske

The weight loss experts at WhyWeight would love to help you turn your intention into a tangible reality – visit us today to learn more about our transformational, all-natural weight loss system that gets effective results.