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Weighing in the Results:

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“Why Weight is everything they claim. With Eliot’s help, I was able to follow the plan with no cheating! I never thought I could completely give up bread and dairy for even a day. I did the plan in two twenty day rounds and lost a total of 20 pounds. I’m at my goal weight. Elliot was a huge help, I plan to keep texting him my weight every day forever. It takes a real commitment and it’s difficult to maintain a social life – I usually scheduled things so that I would eat right before and then just know that I could not eat anything. But it really works, I was not hungry on 500 calories a day and I have gained such self-confidence from having the discipline to do it. Since finishing the program, I just find that I eat less and feel full longer. I just gave away my larger size clothes, I’m not keeping them for “when I gain the weight back”. I’m confident that I’m not going to let that happen.”

Jean Hellering
*Individual results may vary.

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