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Why Weight Transformation Center’s Weekly Class Schedule

Why Weight Transformation Center offers weekly Root 2 Crown Yoga classes and more to help participants in our weight loss program in New Jersey and Manhattan keep on track. All classes are tailored to the level of the participants who attend. Beginners, seasoned yogis, and everyone in-between are welcome! All classes are held at 185 Linden Street, Hackensack, NJ. Please find helpful class descriptions and class schedules listed on this page for your convenience. Should you ever have any questions or concerns about signing up for our weekly classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Class Schedule

Choose Happy Yoga | With Eliot

Transcend your perceived physical and mental limits on the mat and surrender to your infinite potential with a dharma-immersed vinyasa flow. Mixed level yoga.

Sunday Mornings: 9am-10:15am

Get Your Game | With Nick

Develop and refine a solid foundation for your practice with a focus on linking breath with movement. Mixed level yoga.

Monday Evenings: 8pm-9:15pm

Restorative | With Claire

This class features gentle stretching, breath work, and meditation in a serene environment to promote relaxation and release.

Monday Evenings: 8pm-9:15pm

Get Grounded | With Erika

Calm your body and mind through a combination of movement, breathing practices, and meditation. Level 1 Yoga.

Thursday Evenings: 8pm-9:15pm

Pricing for Classes

Unlimited Monthly Classes | $90
10-class Card | $110
5-class Card | $65
Drop-in Class | $15

Meet Our Yoga Instructors

why weight? instructor Eliot


(YT200, Reiki Level 1, Life Coach-PCC)

Yoga was a big part of Eliot’s journey toward choosing happy. After losing weight, he felt like doing something active with his body. That’s when he found yoga, and he’s been practicing ever since. Upon graduating yoga teacher training, his teacher named him “Margubandu,” which means “friend on the path” in Sanskrit. And that’s exactly who he is. The founder and owner of Why Weight, he’s dedicated his career to guiding others to be the driver of their own choices and detach from the illusion that we can’t have it all. Teaching yoga is another way he fulfills this dharma.

why weight? instructor Claire


(YT200, Reiki Level 1, Life Coach-PCC)

Claire practiced yoga at Naturally Yoga for several years before pursuing yoga-teacher training, which she completed in 2018. She spends her days with Why Weight, helping people transform their lives. In her private practice as a life coach, she helps clients move their lives forward, so they can find the fulfillment, success, well-being, and happiness they want to achieve. The teachings of yoga have become a powerful part of Claire’s arsenal, whether she’s promoting transformation in students’ lives on the mat or in clients’ lives off the mat.

why weight? instructor Erika


(YT200, Reiki Level 1)

Erika’s first exposure to yoga was with her Girl Scout troop in elementary school. She’s been drawn to the practice ever since, but it wasn’t until a blessing in disguise ended her college athletic career that she began to practice yoga regularly. Around the same time, a mentor asked her a life-changing question: “What do you want?” Erika answered, “To be calm.” This set her on the path toward becoming a yoga teacher. She loves helping others find their calm in her classes like all her incredible teachers did for her. Books, traveling, and games are her other loves.

why weight? instructor Nick



If it wasn’t for Nick’s best friend, he wouldn’t have experienced the physical and mental transformative powers of yoga that hooked him from the start. After practicing for three years, Nick decided it was time to explore yoga more deeply in order to learn and absorb the life-enriching lessons that yoga teaches. Yoga teacher-training helped Nick see his inner light that all who know him have always seen, and he’s happy to share that light with you in his classes. Outside of yoga, you can find him on the football field and spending time with his family and friends.

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