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Just like any other trip we take, the journey to healthy living requires that we have the appropriate items to help us on our way. When it comes to improving health and losing weight, a well-packed toolkit can keep us motivated to successfully reach our goals.

Not all toolkits will be exactly the same for everyone, but here are some things to have available for yourself when you need them on your quest to better health.

  • Achievable Goals – These can be anything from eating more healthy food to exercising for 15 minutes each day. Break big goals, such as the amount of weight you want to lose, into smaller goals that you can hit each day or each week. This will keep you motivated and heading toward your target.
  • Lots of Water – Staying hydrated helps with weight loss and just keeps you healthier in general. Keep a water bottle with you so you can refill as needed whether at home or on the go.
  • Sleep – Getting enough Z’s is essential to overall health and to stay on your weight loss plan because being overtired often leads to poor food choices and impulse eating. We think that those sugary or fatty foods will give us the energy we’re missing from lack of sleep, but it’s only a temporary fix and sabotages your journey to better health. Make sleep an essential part of your toolkit.
  • On-Time recently shared information from the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society which suggests that when you eat is just as important as what you eat for better overall health. “Having irregular meals may set you up for obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes—regardless of how many total calories you’re consuming,” says the article. So, it’s important to create an eating schedule and stick to it if you want to be healthier.
  • An Effective Program – Losing weight and getting healthy on your own is doable, but it’s hard. We have to change not only how we eat but how we think about food and how we live day to day. Having the support and guidance of a plan can help us stay motivated and ultimately meet our goals. We at Why Weight have seen so many people succeed on our plan, and we think it’s one of the best tools you can have in your bag.
  • A Relevant “Why” – This is not the same as your goals. The “why” is the motivation that keeps you moving toward your goals, even when things get rough. It’s the “ah-ha moment” that initially sets you on the path to better health. Once you know your why, you can use it as on-going motivation to make the right food choices—or avoid the wrong ones.
  • Rewards – This could very well be the most important motivational item in your toolkit. We need to celebrate when we achieve a goal! It’s often helpful to know the reward in advance and use it stay on plan. For example, you can decide that once you lose ten pounds you’ll get a manicure or buy a new shirt or go to a spa. Fill in the blank with what motivates you. Then focus on that reward when the temptation to eat badly comes calling.

Again, these are options that work well for almost everyone. But if you have something different in your toolkit that keeps you motivated on your health journey, share it with us! We love hearing success stories!

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