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Fall has arrived!

It’s time again for pumpkins, warm jackets, and fireplaces. Fall brings so many great things to enjoy. And as the weather transitions, so could we.

Maybe it’s time to stop hiding under that bulky clothing–the sweaters are chunky, but you don’t have to be! A good place to start is to “healthy-up” your comfort foods.

Making Comfort Food Healthy Food

When the air gets colder and football fans start cheering their teams, we might notice a craving for that warming comfort food. Maybe it’s something your family ate every fall or a special dish like chili that came with football season.

The good news is that comfort food can be part of a healthy diet that nourishes your body as well as your emotions. That football chili is a good example.

Check out the recipe for this healthier but still delicious version below:

Other Healthy, Comforting Food Choices

Here are more easy ways to create healthier comfort food this fall.

  • Oh, hot chocolate! Just the thought of it can bring back magical memories but drinking it can add on excess pounds. So, the next time you’re craving hot chocolate, try chai or chocolate tea. Froth up a little non-fat milk for the top, and you have a new comfort food!
  • If pizza is your automatic feel-better food, this cauliflower pizza crust with veggie toppings will feed your emotions and your health at the same time—and the taste is amazing.

It may be hard at first to swap your old comfort food for healthier alternatives, but that’s ok. It’s an adjustment just like any other change. Try them more than once to adjust to the different tastes and bring them to a tailgate or house party to start pairing fun memories with these new dishes.

Remember That Change Happens

There’s a saying that the only constant in life is change, and it’s true. Life is always transitioning.

We can fight it, or we can decide to see these transitions as an opportunity to consciously create new patterns and adjustments to live a healthier, happier life.

Fall is a great time to start!

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