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Picturing a healthier you
Full lady enjoys her slim reflection

Imagine yourself living an active and healthy life. Image yourself sticking to your food plan and losing pounds without feeling the sacrifice. Imagine that you’re at your ideal weight and you actually enjoy looking in the mirror.

Why all this imagination? Studies are showing that visualization can be a very effective tool for achieving weight loss and better health. And you don’t have to actually “see” the images in your mind for it to be effective.

Getting Started

The site says to start by taking 5 to 10 minutes to get relaxed. This makes visualization easier and more effective. Plan to visualize at least once each day for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Here are two areas where you can begin.

  • Healthy Eating – Set your goals around food and then start picturing yourself easily accomplishing things like eating and being satisfied with smaller portions; enjoying salads and veggies with your meals; buying healthy food at the store and enjoying it when you eat them.
  • Staying Motivated – Once you’re relaxed, tap into the feeling of being excited about taking action on your health and then imagine feeling that way about weight loss. “Imagine looking forward to preparing healthy meals and snacks, and feeling great because you are fueling your body with wonderful nutrition,” says the article.

Jon Gabriel, the author of Visualization For Weight Loss, concurs in an article on Heal He calls it “magnetizing your future” and describes it this way: “As you see yourself months and years down the road, in your perfect, ideal shape and body, imagine that this future version of you becomes a magnet that’s pulling you toward the direction of total success.”

And Jon is living proof that this works. Visualization helped him go from 409 pounds to a healthy 186 pounds.

If You Can’t See It, Feel It

If you have trouble creating a mental picture of an action, then “try to imagine what it FEELS like,” says Health Status, “both physically and emotionally.” For example, achieving your weight loss goal could create an emotional feeling of happiness, pride, and satisfaction. Physically, you would feel healthy, fit, skinny, or strong.

As you focus on the results you’re going after, try to really experience the feelings they create. “What would it feel like to wear smaller size clothing and know you look great? What would it feel like to be so proud of yourself that you’re ready to burst?” asks the article. “FEEL it as if you are truly right there, living it now.” It’s incredibly powerful and effective.

The Science Of Visualization

When we have a food craving, most of us try to stop thinking about the food we want—and it usually doesn’t work. It sounds wrong, but we should actually picture ourselves eating that food in order to kill the craving. And science backs this up.

A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University in Science magazine showed that to imagine eating a certain food reduces how much you actually eat of that food.

As part of specific eating and exercise program, visualization could be the tool that finally helps you achieve your goal of a healthier life. Can you picture it?

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