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When we understand how the flow of life is intertwined with the choices we make, amazing things can happen. The key is learning to use that flow to our advantage, to make the best choices available to us, and not to beat ourselves up for the “bad” choices we sometimes give into.

Start By Knowing Your Body

Your body is not going to function exactly like someone else’s body for any number of reasons. This means that you won’t lose weight like anyone else but it the way that works best for you. Once you figure this out, it’s a little easier to understand and accept when your weight fluctuates.

A pretty good example of this is the difference between women and men. A woman’s body moves through a variety of hormonal cycles again and again, and these can impact weight loss. For men, some studies have shown that men with higher testosterone levels can lose weight more easily.

Regardless of how our body works, our choices still matter a great deal.

Try To Make Good Choices

There are times when people text their Why Weight coaches to talk about dealing with choices they’ve made, generally around food. However, some people wait months and months to check in, and this makes a huge difference.

The delay can mean gaining a great deal of weight, especially after a holiday weekend with family and friends, and this will take some time to correct. However, if you make the choice to check in daily with your coach, even after holiday eating you may only be dealing with a weight gain of two or three pounds, which your coach can help you reverse in just a few days.

If you feel you’ve made a bad choice, don’t stress over it. Instead, ask yourself what was happening in your life that led to that choice so you can learn how to choose differently next time.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

In the flow of life, choices are made, but they’re not necessarily bad or good. Our lives and our choices are very often tied up together, with life impacting choices and choices impacting life. Nothing is done in a vacuum.

If you make the choice to eat something off-plan, it’s not the end of the world. Hopefully, your next choice will be to accept what happened and then decide what to do about it. (Hint: Call your Why Weight coach to talk it out and make a new plan.)

No matter what we do, the sun will still rise and inspire us with it’s beauty. But if we spend our time being angry, upset, frustrated, or disappointed about a choice we’ve made, we’re likely to miss those sunrises and other beautiful moments in our lives.

So as the year ends, close the book on the past, forgive yourself, and use what you’ve learned to start again. Because in the flow of life, anything is possible.

Check out this Facebook video to hear Eliot’s take on the flow of life and the choices we can make.

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