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Anyone who has struggled with overcoming a painful emotional issue has probably been told the value of “letting it go” in order to move forward and live well.

The value of letting go is also a key factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including effective weight loss. Choosing to be healthy requires us to let go of fear, of old thoughts about ourselves, and of habits that no longer serve us well.

Here are some ways to begin.

Put Fear In Its Place

Why would anyone be afraid of looking and feeling better? According to mentor, coach, and author Valery Satterwhite, writing on the site, it’s often because of poor self-esteem.

Satterwhite states, “When you are in a state of fear you cling to your current comfort zone. This fear prevents action. It holds you back.” She goes on to say that letting go of fear “does not come from a place of disgust or self-rejection.” Fear recedes as we being to realize that we have value just as we are in the present moment.

“You are not your body,” says Satterwhite. “You are your intuition, personal passions, truth and the voice of your inspiration. Get in touch with that part of you.”

Change An Old Self-View

Dr. Travis Fox, a noted speaker, and lecturer in the field of human development teach that using your mind is a vital part of letting go.

In a recent article titled 5 Tips to Use Your Head and Let Go of that Extra Weight, he states: “Many people don’t realize that a great deal of their weight is from stuffing down emotions and keeping it like baggage. Emotions like anger, hurt, shame, guilt, frustration, and fear are just a few that are keeping many people from becoming their Ideal Selves.”

This often becomes a vicious cycle that creates more and more emotional issues that get ignored. Dr. Fox states that to start a new life, you have to let go of the old one. “What will it take for you to let go and let your ideal self come out?” he asks.

Stop The Negative Self-Talk

When it comes to habits that don’t serve us well, this one is at or near the top. And the sad thing is that we don’t often realize how much we beat ourselves up because it’s almost automatic. And it’s a roadblock for obtaining better health.

The website of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating says, “Insulting and criticizing yourself is just another way of triggering your stress response. And guess what that does? It makes it difficult to lose weight. So if you are actively beating yourself down on a daily basis it’s time to let that go. Focus instead on developing a more positive inner dialogue.”

A good place to start, says the site, is to “work on being thankful for how your body has served you.”

Letting go really can help us to live better on a physical as well as emotional level. Where will you choose to focus?

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