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Change your mindsetPositive thinkingImage courtesy of Stuart Miles at
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Spring is right around the corner…FINALLY! Can’t you just feel the vibrancy of all the fresh energy about to burst forth?

Maybe you set some New Year’s intentions a few months back; maybe you didn’t. No matter where you are on your path, you don’t have to wait until next year to set a new intention.

Spring Clean Your Thoughts

Why not make spring cleaning one of your intentions as a new season approaches? And no, we’re not just talking about clearing out your closets (even though that’s a good idea, too!). We’re talking something much bigger…

We like to say that spring cleaning starts from inside of you and radiates out. So here’s a challenge – commit to building an attitude of positivity. Pick a positive affirmation and say it many times a day, then watch your overall mindset glow.

If you’re doubting the power of positive affirmations or you’ve tried them in the past with few results, read on…

Get Your Shine On!

Positivity is a big deal these days. According to a recent CNN Money article, two creative women (Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi) founded Shine Text, a daily text message service intended to help address negative thought patterns through the power of positive affirmations. The positive messages generally focus on one of Shine Text’s four pillars, which are: confidence, daily happiness, mental health, and productivity.

One text reads in part “We think of 1300 words per min, so imagine what 5 mins of negative thoughts do…” Whoa! If you’re trying to lose weight (or accomplish just about any other intention), just think of the devastating impact even short bursts of negativity can have on your total outcome.

Make It Personal

In a Prevention article about positive affirmations, author Kelly Rudolph starts off by stating something we’ve all probably pondered at some point: Lots of us are saying positive affirmations to find love, achieve great success, build a healthy body, discover happiness…but we’re not all getting what we’re affirming for. What’s missing here?

Well, for one…FEELING. You can pick any affirmation you want, recite it for hours every day, and still not accomplish what you want. If you have no feeling – no emotion – behind what you’re saying, your results will likely be unimpressive.

The affirmation you pick can be literally anything (just make it positive!). The key is to make sure it has meaning for you. When you say it, use your imagination, get your brain involved and feel the positive outcome.

For instance, say you’ve recently started eating healthy. When you’re enjoying your next meal, visualize the morsels of food nourishing every cell of your body, bringing it into alignment with health and harmony.

Here’s a final thought for you: have you ever seen a boat sinking? Boats don’t sink from the water outside – they sink from the water inside.

If you want to make the big changes and achieve the results you know you deserve this Spring and beyond, don’t let what’s happening inside you weigh you down.

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