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With the holidays rapidly approaching, one fact is guaranteed: you’re not the only one who’ll be tempted to sneak a bite of your favorite dessert – you know, the one you only have once a year…

Or, you might find it hard to say no to loved ones who offer you something that’s not on the plan. After all, for many people, it’s just not the holidays without that vast array of rich culinary delights that grace tables around the world.

This year IS going to be a refreshingly different holiday season for you – and you’ll be celebrating a lot more than the presents under the tree. Imagine a holiday season where you DON’T gain any weight. Possible? Yes!

These Stats Will Make You Think Twice

If you’re thinking of sneaking off your weight loss plan this holiday season – for one day, one night, or one bite – here are some sobering facts to make you think twice:

  • 3,000. That’s the number of calories the average adult consumes in a single Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.
  • 4,500. That’s how many calories you might really have consumed on those special days (when you account for everything else you ate that day).
  • This means that for a 160–pound person to burn off even a 3,000 calorie meal, s/he would have to run at a moderate pace for 4 hours, swim for 5 hours, or walk a whopping 30 miles.

You need real tips you can use to stay committed to the weight loss plan…so, here they are!

Planning is KEY

It’s essential to plan your meals, especially if you’re heading to a party or other social event. Remember, you must take responsibility for what you eat and drink – especially when you’re on our unique weight loss program. This cannot be over-emphasized!

When you plan your food ahead of time, you will have more control over what you eat. If you don’t, you risk losing a day or more of potential weight loss.

Worried you’ll stand out or that people will think you’re weird for bringing food to an event? Here are our 3 favorite work-arounds to fit your unique situation and set of concerns:

1. Order Grilled or Broiled Protein

Meal idea: Shrimp or chicken breast (skin removed)

Tip: To consume the needed 3.5 ounces cooked weight of protein, you can use the palm of your hand as a “best guess estimate”. (The amount should cover the size of your palm.)

2. Say Goodbye to the Sauces…

…and gravies – and anything else that’s drizzled atop or garnishing your foods. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You’ll want to eat simple food rather than leave to chance what was added to your food at an event.

3. Water is Your Best Friend

Drink more water with your meal. If you’re attending an event where everyone is drinking some sort of beverage, order a sparkling water or a still water, tea or coffee to suit your needs.

Tip: Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and does contain some caffeine.

Be Clear About Your Restrictions

Working to your benefit is the fact that most restaurants today are well aware of the varying dietary needs of their customers. Many seem to be very adept at fulfilling various meal requests.

When you’re eating out, it’s very important to strongly let the server and kitchen know your restrictions. Don’t feel awkward about this – again, most restaurants are quite used to this these days.

Simply let your server know you’re on a very strict diet for your health. Be sure your food is not marinated or cooked in any oils, butters, or oil substitutes. Foods can be grilled, baked, or sautéed – but remember – no oil or butter should be added.

Still ready to give in? STOP…and remind yourself why you’re on this program in the first place. Really consider all the reasons you personally have for doing this. Is it really worth risking all your hard work? I think you know the answer to that.

And, as we like to say around here, “The feeling of skinny tastes yummy all day!”

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