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Losing weight doesn’t have to mean you lose who you are. In fact, you must love yourself to ensure successful weight loss – and maintenance of your new weight.

But how do you love yourself when you look in the mirror and feel discouraged when you’re constantly bombarded everywhere you look with images of super-skinny models (that are probably Photoshopped anyway)?

Weight loss is such a transformational journey, meandering down a road full of bends and crossroads. But none of that should derail you from loving yourself during the metamorphosis of becoming a new, healthier you.

Lose the myth that you love food and you’re a foodie. Stop that self-sabotage – NOW!

Love yourself for the beautiful and unique person that you are!

Lose Weight with Love

Weight loss motivated by negative factors isn’t a recipe for success, according to Lissa Rankin, M.D. Writing in Psychology Today, Rankin says, “If your weight loss is fueled by negative mind chatter and self-hatred, weight loss becomes a punishment.”

You know the familiar routine. You feel something is missing in your life. You had a bad day. You just need a little comfort. So, you raid the fridge for pie and ice cream and just when you swallow the first bite, you realize your diet didn’t allow for that extravagance.

Yup, you’ve done it again. You start to criticize yourself, calling yourself a loser (or worse). And you probably compare yourself to others too. By the end of all this, you end up with a whole lot of self-hate.

“Jeez. No wonder you’re having trouble losing weight,” says Rankin.

You must reclaim yourself as the perfect, beautiful spirit that every single one of us was created as – not as you think the world sees you (or you see yourself at present). Without cultivating a loving acceptance for the divine person that you are, Rankin states, weight loss will be an unsuccessful journey.

Learn The Art of Self-Love

Rankin offers up some tips on learning to love yourself. Sounds like a simple task, but in today’s critical world, where stories of bullying and hate crimes fill our daily news broadcasts, we could all use some guidance in treating ourselves lovingly. A few suggestions are:

-Nurture yourself – soak in a bubble bath, apply fragrant, soothing lotions to your skin.

-Do a Body Blessing every day.

-Make friends with the person looking back at you in the mirror. Practice saying: “You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are.”

-Only eat when you’re hungry – listen to your body.

Probably one of the hardest tasks in life is learning to forgive ourselves. While we learn to forgive others, oftentimes we berate ourselves…I should have known better…I’m so stupid to make that mistake…I’ll never be as good as her…

When you open yourself to self-love, says Rankin, you open yourself to love – period. Self-love isn’t something that comes from the “outside” – it isn’t something that someone else can ever take away from you. So, show yourself some love today – own it – own yourself!

Be kind to yourself. Learn to love yourself. Not only the key to successful weight loss, loving yourself and believing in yourself becomes your platform for success!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.”


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