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It’s official – the Why Weight blog is now online! Many of our clients and others interested in our unique approach have asked us to start a blog – so here it is!

Each week, we’ll discuss hot topics, share tips and tools to help you get the most out of the program, and give you inspiring lifestyle strategies to take you even higher in your weight loss journey.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics you’ll get to read about in upcoming posts:

  • How to deal with social engagements (holidays, dinners, parties) on the program
  • Why you initially lose weight on a diet, but then hit a plateau
  • The reason certain foods – even healthy ones – aren’t allowed
  • The real factors that are involved in weight loss
  • Why accountability is critical to your success
  • What Bio-Marker Scanning technology is – and the role it plays in the program

If you want to learn more about these and other topics, stay tuned. We’re so excited to share our knowledge with you to empower and motivate you.

We love hearing from you and want to hear your questions! Send us your question – and it might just be featured in an upcoming post.

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